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Leaving Terra Firma Case Study

The Challenge

Started in 2009 during my primary training, which culminated on 1/1/2010 when I received my private pilot ASEL certificate, Leaving Terra Firma is a personal aviation blog. Initially born out of a desire to catalog my training notes, it quickly grew into a place to share my aviation experiences with a much broader audience than I imagined.

Goals & Intentions

Following a period of inactivity, I recently started completing a flight review and have taken several lessons with the intent of returning to active status. In addition to cataloging this process, I have decided to refocus the site toward flying and owning aircraft on a budget.

Built and Maintain Custom WordPress Site


Writing Blog Posts




Site Maintenance and Promotion


Proof You Can Fly Affordably

Solely Responsible for Content and Management of Site


Writing and Promoting Blog Posts

With the exception of guest posts, which I usually introduce, all the posts have been written by me. In addition, all the social media and email promotion are also my work.

Taking or Sourcing Photography

As a hobbyist photographer, I enjoy taking a lot of photos. When I don’t have my own photos to use, I often source great public domain or Creative Commons licensed images to fill in the gap.

Maintaining and Coding WordPress Site

As a one man organization, it is my responsibility to maintain the site. While based on WordPress, I am also responsible for designing and coding the site’s theme using a framework.

  • Website Traffic
  • Email Subscribers
  • Work
  • Fun

The Results Are Amazing

Over the course of 7 years, the site has quickly grown; thousands of people have read my posts and I’ve met a lot of interesting aviation personalities through my little flight training blog. With recent changes to my focus and a renewed level of content production, this site will only continue to grow.

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